A big thanks to Jeff Miller for contributing his time and talents toward investigating and writing these articles.


Always Had Music... (October 2013)
Mira Kinebuchi talks Panacea Club, Choosing Charities, and Musicís Role in her Life

Budding Beethovens and Bitten Bassoons (May 2013)
What goes on at the Instrument Petting Zoo?

"Music Makes a Difference..." (February 2013)
An interview with Dominic Thompson, the band teacher for a school that received instruments from Music for HOPE.

Playing Doctor (July 2011)
An inside look at what goes into repairing an isntrument.

What Happened in Vegas (October 2011)
What happened when Josh Groban came to town.

Update from Harlem (November 2011)
Making instruments sound again.

Music Makes it OK to Learn (December 2011)
Catching up with Music Education Coordinator Mike D'Antoni.