Staff & Board

Mike Jones

Michael Jones
Founder / Executive Director

Mike's involvement in music began in the 3rd grade, where he played clarinet for the school orchestra and kindled a lifelong passion for music. Since then, his music career has spanned 30 years and has encompassed everything from performing, concert promoting, and producing to work as an audio engineer and casino entertainment director. He is honored to have had the opportunity to work with many well known musicians in the industry.

Along with music, a theme central to Mike's life is community service. As a teenager he served on a volunteer search and rescue team in Southern California. While attending college at Eastern Michigan University, he served both as an Emergency Medical Technician and as a Red Cross volunteer. With the Red Cross he helped found a specialized disaster response medical team. A few years later in Northern Nevada, Mike served as a firefighter for the East Fork and Central Lyon County fire districts. He was Chief of the Moundhouse Volunteer Fire Department. In 1999, Mike received a prestigious Senatorial Recognition award from Nevada Senator Richard Bryon for his outstanding community service.

In 1994, drawing upon his experiences as a child of having difficulty obtaining a musical instrument, Mike founded Music for HOPE. After years in the music industry he sought to use his experience and talents to give back to the community. Music for HOPE remains his primary focus today.


Local Representatives

Michael Jones — Henderson, NV

Dawn Kerr Irving — Fresno, CA

Edwin Johnson — San Bernardino, CA

Anna Eppink — San Diego, CA

Mike D'Antoni — Charlottesville, VA

Blue O'Connell — Charlottesville, VA

Board of Directors

Michael Jones, President

Dan Trinter, Vice President

Lori Karsemyer, Secretary/Treasurer

David Taylor, Director